inFlow interactive charts


Include inFlow charts in your product by embeds or linking.


Include charts with smart embed technology, providing a great native-like user-experience.

Resizing iFrame

If your chart resizes the embed will size its dimensions accordingly. No need for scrollbars.

Parent page scrolling

Scroll the parent page based on the user interaction in the inFlow chart.

In-page links

Navigate the parent page based on the input of the user in the chart, and vice-versa.

Cross-domain iFrames

Domain authentication for cross domain iFrames.

Mutiple charts

Include multiple inFlow charts on a single webpage.
Learn more about scalable embeds in our Documentation

Chart viewer

Link or share the fullscreen chart view for a complete experience.


Offer a fullscreen view for your charts. Works great for schematic interactions.

Easy sharing

We provide short URLs for easy sharing of charts.

Privacy options

Password protection

We can password protect your content using Basic Authtentication.

Private environments

We provide custom environments upon request.
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