inFlow interactive flowcharts


Interactive flowcharts, decision trees and diagrams

User-friendly & beautiful


Use our catalog of layouts to create the perfect chart for your use-case.


Through tailored interactions all our tools work great on smaller devices.

Data driven

inFlow charts are fueled by json data. Drive multiple types of charts from a single source of data.



Use different elements out of our catalog of User-Interface components to create the perfect content.


Serve your users in their own language. i18n translations available.

Type Symbols

Get technical by using symbols for different types of nodes.

Embedding & linking

Smart embed

Include charts with smart embed technology, providing great native-like user-experience.


If your charts grows or shrinks in size your embed will size accordingly. No need for scrollbars.


Scroll the parent page based on the input of the user.


Link to your chart through the fullscreen viewer. We provide short URL's for easy sharing.


Charts can be limited to internal and/ or private use. We provide custom environments upon request.

Short URLs

We provide short URLs for easy sharing.


Custom content

Each node in a chart can contain something special. We create custom elements upon request.

Custom lay-outs

Need a special layout? We love creating custom interactions for your use-case.


We can adjust everything to match your brand guidelines. Try us! Really!
inFlow interactive flowcharts
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